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Final interview with Stockport Express as MP

5th November 2019

See my final interview with the Stockport Express after announced that I will not be standing for election at the General Election.

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Ann Coffey to stand down at general election

I will not be standing for re-election at the upcoming general election and when Parliament dissolves on November 6th I will no longer be a Member of Parliament.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their kind and supportive messages.  It is great to know that you think my team and I have made a difference.  It has been a pleasure to represent the decent and compassionate people Stockport.


See my full statement below.

Sexual and criminal exploitation of children who go missing from care

Earlier today I led a debate in Parliament on the sexual and criminal exploitation of children who go missing from care.

In the report ‘No Place at Home‘ the All-Party Parliamentary Group highlighted the risks facing children who go missing from out of area placements – we found that children sent to live many miles away from their home area were being targetted for exploitation by criminal gangs and paedophiles.

In 2012 we recognised that placing children out of area increases a child’s risk of harm.

Despite government promises to reduce the numbers of children placed out of area, the situation is getting worse.  There has been a 77% rise in the number of children in children’s homes placed out of area since 2012 and a doubling in the numbers of children reported missing from children’s homes since 2015.

The children’s homes market is broken and failing children. There is an uneven distribution of children’s homes across the country and three-quarters of children’s homes are privately run.

The Government must take action to support councils to reduce the number of children sent to live miles from home and ensure there are more local placements.

We cannot continue to fail the most vulnerable children.

Those interested can watch my speech below.  The full debate can be viewed on Parliament TV here.

A copy of my speech is available here.