Ann Coffey

Assisted dying

The issues around assisted dying are of course very important and society has been struggling with this for some years now.  During 2015 one of my colleagues Rob Marris proposed a private members bill which would have allowed assisted dying for the first time.  In the build up to that vote I thought very carefully about the issues and ultimately decided to support the bill.  I do of course acknowledge that people have very strong and differing views but in the end came to the view that terminally ill people should be able to die in the manner and time of their choosing.  Unfortunately the Bill was heavily defeated at second reading and therefore made no further progress although it was the first time that MPs had debated this issue since 1997.

There are of course groups such a dignity in dying who continue to campaign for the rights of people to be helped to die if this is their choice.  I have included a link below to their website so you can find out more about their campaigns.