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Stockport Express October 2018

10th October 2018

Almost every day I am contacted by families desperate for decent housing. There just aren’t enough homes for families to buy or rent. In Stockport, the divide is huge between those who have homes that meet their needs and those who do not. It can’t be right that so many children are being brought up in high rise flats, or that families are having to move every six months because of short insecure leases, or that we have over 6000 people on the Stockport Homes waiting list.

Everybody agrees we need more family homes to buy or rent and that there are still not enough being built in Stockport, but we seem to be embroiled in endless arguments about housing targets and use of Greenfield sites.

Population growth figures for Stockport suggest we will need around 15,000 more homes over the next 20 years. Those homes to buy or rent can’t be built without land.

We need to accept that, and that with a growing population we can’t retain 40% of our borough as Greenfield or in the Green Belt. The aim shouldn’t be to build as little as possible, it should be to meet the future housing needs of our children and their children.

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