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Child Sexual Exploitation the new social norm

14th January 2015


Teachers are on the frontline on the fight against child sexual exploitation, Ann Coffey MP said in a lecture at Manchester University today.

The campaigning MP told 400 trainee and newly qualified teachers at an Inclusion and Social Justice Conference at the University:

 “You can make a difference to children’s lives by helping to raise awareness of the issue and recognising the importance of changing attitudes and culture.

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MP’s bid to banish ‘child prostitution’ to the history books

January 6th 2015


Campaigning MP Ann Coffey will today (Tuesday January 6) table a series of amendments to the Serious Crime Bill to remove all references to child prostitution from legislation.

Ms Coffey said the term ‘child prostitute’ is an outdated insult to victims and that there has never been a better time than now to consign it to the history books in the wake of the shocking Rochdale and Rotherham cases.

She said: “There is no such thing as a child prostitute – only a sexually abused or exploited child.

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