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Carers Survey

This week is Carers Week and I am happy to support this annual campaign, which recognises the vital contribution that carers make, not only to the people they care for, but to our local communities and our economy too.

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MP Congratulates local parents on successful school crossing campaign

St Ambrose Crossing patrol

Stockport MP met Davenport parents at St Ambrose Catholic Primary School in Rostrevor Road, to congratulate them on their successful campaign to get a new lollipop lady for their school.

Mum Rebecca Keenan contacted Ann last year about some dangerous parking outside St Ambrose when children were arriving at school or being collected at home time. There was no crossing patrol, and road markings and signage was being ignored by drivers parking their cars inconsiderately, to the point that mums with pushchairs were being forced into the road.

Ann Coffey supported the parents in their efforts to lobby the Council about the problem, and an audit of the location showed that the school did meet the criteria for a crossing patrol.   Mrs Helen Hilton, the Headteacher of St Ambrose primary was also fully behind the application, which led eventually to the successful recruitment of Val as the new crossing patrol officer.

Ann Coffey said:

 “There was a real problem outside St Ambrose, and I am very pleased that the parents’ campaign has resulted in the Council taking on a new crossing patrol. Officer. It was great to meet the parents, and Val, and see how much of a difference it’s making at the end of the school day.

PHOTOS: Ann Coffey outside St Ambrose Catholic Primary School Rostrevor Road, with (left to right) Val the Crossing Patrol Officer, Rebecca Keenan, Mrs O’Brien, Mrs Hilton the Headteacher and children.

Stockport Express Column – June 2016

I have been listening to your views about the referendum on our membership of the European Union, which is on 23rd June.

It seems clear that, despite all the arguments for and against, many people are still looking for an answer and haven’t made up their mind. People have said to me that there are so many conflicting statistics about the impact of either leave or remain on the economy, that they are left none the wiser.

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