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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Learning lessons from First World War

This week one hundred years ago saw the start of the First World War – the beginning of four long years of futile suffering and the slaughter of millions of young men across Europe. This “war to end all wars” bred the conditions for the Third Reich and another world war which saw genocide on an unimaginable scale.

It is tragic to realise, when we are commemorating the outbreak of the First World War, that war is happening now, all over the world, for example in Ukraine and in Israel/Palestine.

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Meeting Police Cadets at Stockport Academy

Congratulations to Jennie, Shauna, Karina and Dianna – and all the police cadets I met during a recent visit to Stockport Academy, Cheadle Heath.  This team of students, the first ever group of Stockport police cadets, have been really committed to their training and learnt a great deal about police work.  They are fantastic youth ambassadors for the area, and I am delighted their hard work and commitment has now been recognised in the Greater Manchester Chief Constable’s Excellence Awards.