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Fail Children in care at your peril

June 29th 2013

This is an article written by Ann for the Independent, published June 2013 in response to the Oxford child sex abuse case in which men groomed and abused vulnerable girls “under the noses” of the authorities.


In the sickening Oxford sex abuse case we heard that men groomed and abused vulnerable girls “under the noses” of the authorities who showed an “almost wilful blindness”.

The six victims had all been in care and were aged between 11 and 15 when the abuse took place. Victims repeatedly went missing, during which time they came into contact with their abusers. Continue Reading Article

Summer Exhibition Success for Arc


There is some fantastic art on display at the Summer Exhibition organised by Stockport Arts for Recovery in the Communities (Arc).

I officially opened the exhibition and was impressed by the variety and quality of the artwork produced, including crocheted sea creatures, jewellery and edible art. Continue Reading Article

Stockport Express Column – July 2013

Whenever I see Stockport’s famous Viaduct towering above our town, I never cease to be was struck by its imposing and majestic structure.

At the time of its construction it was the largest viaduct in the world and represented a major feat of Victorian engineering. It was a key pioneering feature of the railway age carrying trains, people and prosperity between Manchester and Birmingham.

Continue Reading Article