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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Speech to the First International Conference for Missing Children and Adults

16th June 2013

The speech below was delivered at Portsmouth University for the International Conference for Missing Children and Adults.

I am delighted to have been asked to help open this First International Conference of Missing Children and Adults.

Looking at the list of delegates – the wide range of expertise you are bringing to this conference from across the world from South Korea to Poland – is impressive.

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Heaton Chapel Station campaign

Friends of Heaton Chapel station have organised a petition calling for urgent improvements to the station to make it more accessible for disabled people.  Local Councillors Tom McGee and David Sedgwick and myself are in full support of this and have signed the petition.  Heaton Chapel is the busiest two-platform suburban station in Greater Manchester without disabled access.

If you would like to sign the petition, here is the website link

Supporting foster children

Commons speech moving Foster carers amendment June 11, 2013

I believe that young people leaving care should be allowed to remain with their foster carers until they are 21 years old, if they want to. Currently, children in care leave on, or before, their 18th birthday. Every year, hundreds of the most vulnerable young people have to leave home at age 17, but the average age for leaving home in the UK is 24.

I pressed an amendment to the Children and Families Bill on June 11 to call for the right to stay with foster carers until 21 to help vulnerable young people to manage their transition to adulthood. Continue Reading Article