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Channel 5 News Special on Missing People

As chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Runaway and Missing Children and Adults, I was invited onto Channel 5 news to talk about people who go missing. (watch below)

The APPG recently held it’s Inquiry into safeguarding missing adults who have mental health issues’ you can read here.

Sadly, there are about 126,000 incidents of adults going missing annually. Up to 600 missing people a year are found dead: the most commonly known cause being suicide.  80 per cent of adults who go missing are experiencing mental health problems and up to one third go missing again.

Going missing should be a ‘red flag moment’ which ought to trigger help, we need better initial risk assessment and long term support for people who are at risk of going missing.

Stockport Express November 2018  

7th November 2018

Two years ago notice was given to the European Union that we were withdrawing our membership. That comes into effect in March 2019. I voted against giving notice as we had no idea of what sort of trade and customs deal we could make with the EU at that time.  

Two years later we still have no idea and we are running out of time. Whatever trade deal we get will be worse than the one we have. In addition billions that could be spent on public services are being spent on preparing our regulations for Brexit. Another £500 million was announced in the budget by the Chancellor. Cash that could have been spent on our schools or on the police or on local council services instead of the administrative costs of Brexit. 

And at the end of it there could be no trade deal. That would have very serious implications for our economy. Greater Manchester is one of the regions that could be hit hard. With rising unemployment and less tax revenue there would be less money available for public services. This would affect the poorest and the neediest most. 

Many people have contacted me locally to say that they would like to see the final deal put to a vote where people can decide whether what is actually on offer is acceptable to them with an option to vote to remain in the EU.  

I agree. The facts are so far from the rhetoric and the lies about Brexit that there should be an opportunity for a final People’s Vote. That was certainly the view of the estimated 700,000 who marched together with Stockport for Europe in London on the 20th October.