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Statement from Ann Coffey MP

Today I resigned from the Labour Party.   I remain totally committed to continuing to serve my constituents.

My values haven’t changed.

You can read my full statement here or below.


I am Ann Coffey the Member of Parliament for Stockport. A town I have represented for nearly 27 years.

It is a great privilege to be an MP.

My father died a year before I was elected. He would have been proud to see the chance for a better life he had fought to give me, realised in an achievement beyond his dreams. He believed passionately in education. But without the Wilson’s government commitment to providing alternative routes to higher education through expanding places in polytechnics I would not have got a degree.

Hope and determination of an individual is not by itself enough.

I spent 20 years working as a social worker with families but social work cannot be a response to inequality and lack of opportunity.

I joined the Labour Party 41 years ago to elect governments that understood that real opportunity for families only comes when the right policies are in place. I am proud of the achievements of the last Labour government.  I thought I would be in the Labour Party for the rest of my life but political parties are not an end in themselves in a parliamentary democracy. The Labour Party has lost sight of this. It is no longer a broad church. Any criticism of the leadership is responded to with abuse and accusations of treachery.

Anti-Semitism is rife and tolerated.

The current leadership have been very successful at changing this party beyond recognition. And in doing so is failing the people who have supported the Labour Party all their lives and who I joined to help.

Loyalty cannot be an end in itself. So I leave the party with great sadness. But in hope that we as an independent group of MP’s can start to change a political system in which people feel they have no voice.

I remain totally committed to continuing to serve my constituents.

My values haven’t changed.



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