Ann Coffey


Ann takes part in Parliament Project workshop

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Stockport Town Hall was host to a workshop held by the Parliament Project – an organisation which works to encourage women to participate in politics and stand for office.

Stockport MP Ann Coffey was invited to speak at the workshop about her motivation in standing to be a local Councillor and then an MP, and to talk about the day to day life of a Member of Parliament.

The Parliament Project holds workshops all over the country, and the Stockport event was attended by women who serve as Stockport Councillors, including Cllr Amanda Peers and Cllr Elise Wilson.   The participants, women from all walks of life, had an interest in politics and were considering getting further involved.  The workshop was designed for them to get the most out of it, by hearing the stories of women like themselves who have already been elected and whose voices are being heard on the Council and in Parliament.

Ann Coffey said:

“When I was elected to Parliament in 1992 there were only 60 women MPs in the House of Commons.  That number now stands at 208, and I think the increased number of women MPs have really changed Parliament for the better.  Obviously I would like to see even more women being elected to the local council and to Parliament, and so It was great to meet so many inspiring Stockport women, and hear their stories and hopes for the future.”

 Hannah Stevens from the Parliament Project said:

“I would like to thank Ann for finding time in her busy schedule to share her experiences and inspire the women in the room.”