Ann Coffey


Stockport Express column April 2018

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The closure of M&S in Stockport shows the effect that on line shopping is having on retail jobs. There will be different kinds of jobs in the future and different kind of skills will be needed. I am very keen to ensure that young people in Stockport get the further education and training they need to take advantages of the opportunities available in the future. I am also concerned that older people have the opportunity to learn new skills

There is a huge economic and social cost to our communities if young people cannot find employment because they don’t have the skills they need to progress and get a job. Some of these young people may have struggled at their local high school and are looking for an alternative to sixth form study which will still lead to good qualifications, work experience and a good job.

This is where our local Further Education College – Stockport College – plays a vital role. The College has courses for school leavers, it offers apprenticeships, adult education and also degree courses.  I’ve been visiting Stockport College for many years, meeting students and talking to staff.  I’ve been impressed by the students’ many achievements and success stories – for example in performing arts, health and social care, fashion, building and construction, engineering, business, motor mechanics and much more.

Stockport College is now entering a new chapter in its history as it merges with Trafford College to create a much larger body with ambitions to be the best college in Greater Manchester.  I have supported the merger because it will bring much-needed investment in Stockport College and an improvement in the quality of the education on offer.  I hope it will also mean stronger relationships between the College, employers and the local Council.   A good local college can encourage more businesses to come to Stockport and create more jobs which will be good for the town’s economy.

I am meeting the new Principal, Lesley Davies, early next month and look forward to hearing more about her plans for the college – which will still be called Stockport College. I am confident that employability and high standards will be at the top of her list for the students in her care.