Ann Coffey


Pioneering Homeless Charity

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I am extremely impressed with the ideas, enthusiasm and determination of a new pioneering local charity in Stockport called Helping the Homeless into Accommodation.

The members of the H3 charity have been through the experience of being homeless and are now working together to help others. The charity focuses on supporting people who are moving from temporary accommodation, such as a hostel, to a permanent home of their own. Working with Stockport Homes and other agencies, H3 offers simple started packs to tenants who have nothing, including a toaster, kettle and cleaning materials.

When I met the team, on May 31, they were celebrating the acquisition of a van which is much needed for the deliveries they do to local tenants.

Susan Ash, H3 Trustee, told me: “Getting somewhere to live is just the beginning. Without support people can quickly feel isolated and overwhelmed. At H3 we have been through it ourselves, so we know what the priorities are, and we put our efforts into fundraising for projects which really help.” I first came across H3 when visiting an employment and skills fair at the Town Hall. I was impressed by the Cook Book they produced, sponsored by the Greggs Foundation, which has 40 low cost, healthy recipes for inexperienced cooks.

There is now a wealth of projects on the go, including Rags to Riches recycling scheme, a fruit and veg delivery scheme and a scheme to help homeless single people with bonded deposits to access the private rental market. The H3 team members are real role models for how to overcome homelessness. They are full of ideas and enthusiasm and determined to use their own experience to help others.