Ann Coffey


Penny Lane Pantry

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I visited Penny Lane Pantry, a new community store based on the ground floor of Hanover Towers, Lancashire Hill, and met up with volunteers Aggie and Leanne.

Penny Lane Pantry was launched by Stockport Homes in August, in partnership with Fare Share, a national charity which works with the big supermarkets to provide everyday food items. Ninety six Lancashire Hill residents have already signed up for membership of just £2 a week, which gives them access to 10 discounted items worth up to £15 every week.

This is such an affordable scheme, and I can see why it’s already so popular in Lancashire Hill. When I was in the Pantry there was a wide choice of everyday supermarket items, as well as chilled and frozen food and fresh fruit and veg. I do hope that Stockport Homes can go further and expand the scheme when they have reached their target of 100 local members.

Stockport Homes Food Sharing Officer, Anna Jones, says they are looking for more volunteers, so please contact her on 0161 474 4760 if you would like to get involved.