Ann Coffey


Spring statement 2014

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March 26 2014

Many people in Stockport must have been wondering, as they watched last week’s Budget, how the measures announced were going to help them.

The Chancellor raised the threshold for ISA savings to £15,000, and whilst I agree with measures to encourage savers, there must be many people in our town wishing they could save just £150 a year let alone £15,000.

It is also hard to understand why people on incomes of over £200,000 a year should get more tax relief, whilst working families on the minimum wage are going to lose out when the new universal credit is introduced. .

It is also hard to understand why couples earning as much as £300,000 a year can claim £2,000 help in child care costs.

Not so hard to understand there will be a general election in 2015!

It is good that the economy is growing and I welcome the moves to boost manufacturing and exports. But the new tax cuts are not going to be paid for from a growing economy they are going to be paid for by more cuts in public services.

That means health, social care, parks and libraries. It means cuts to child protection and youth services.

How can it be right to cut services to the most vulnerable to pay for tax cuts to the most able and successful people.

Of course they can pay privately for those health and social services that are no longer provided by the public sector.

But those on low incomes can’t.

How fair is that?

And in the end how does it help anybody to have divided communities with people feeling that they are being unfairly treated.