Ann Coffey


Stockport Express Column – December 2014

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The Charnwood Nursery is special in Stockport. As a Christian charitable Trust, Charnwood has led the way in the provision of nursery education where children with disabilities learn and play together with other more able children. Each child is valued and respected as an individual.

I have made many visits to Charnwood over the years and was very privileged to have been invited to their 50th Anniversary celebrations last year.

Last week I attended their Christmas Nativity. It was lovely to watch the children dressed in their costumes act out this play as children have done for generations before them whilst their proud parents looked on.

Of course the Christmas message isn’t just for those of the Christian faith, it’s a message of hope that comes with the birth of every child. Every parent hopes their child will be happy in their lives.

But sadly not all children will reach their potential and there are many reasons for that. Governments can’t take away all risk or all chance in life. But they can through good social and economic policies increase opportunities for all children.

The early years of life are so important and in the New Year I am hoping to visit the new project that Charnwood have set up in Lancashire Hill for 2 year olds.

We need all children born into this digital age to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that that offers. On their abilities will depend our ability in the future to be a strong and resourceful nation. That is why we must make sure every child achieves their potential and Christmas reminds us of the need to do that through investment in those early years with support we give to parents to provide the best possible environment to bring up children. That means jobs, housing, health and education which parents by themselves can’t provide.

In looking forward to 2015 we should keep with us that Christmas message of all children being special.