Ann Coffey


Stockport Express Column – July 2016

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Since the momentous vote to leave the EU I have had many conversations and emails from people expressing their concerns and worries about the future.

It has divided people in Stockport as elsewhere with young people particularly upset about the result.

I campaigned to remain so I am not happy about the result either. 

But I do understand that many people also passionately believe that being out of Europe will give them a better life.

Although Stockport voted to remain in the EU the country as a whole voted to leave and I have to accept that decision.

It is not clear at the moment exactly what that will mean and it may take months to negotiate a new agreement with Europe.

I will be on the case to get the best possible settlement to protect jobs and services.

But I will also be talking to people who voted leave to hear what they are expecting as a result of the referendum vote. 

I remain passionately committed to being in the EU. But It is a time for listening to everybody’ view.