Visit to British Gas Stockport

British Gas StockportI recently visited the Newbridge Lane site of British Gas to meet local employees – including service engineer Joanna Flowers and Operations Director John Lochrie. British Gas is one of Stockport’s largest employers, with over 500 people working at Newbridge Lane.

One of my follow up requests was for an update on smart meter installations in my constituency. Smart meters are being rolled out across the country, with energy suppliers offering them to customers as part of national energy-saving plans. Smart meters show you how much energy you are using, and how much this is costing you, as well as taking automatic meter readings.

In Stockport, there are almost 6,250 smart meters currently installed, which is one of the highest in the country.

Smart meters are also becoming an option for people who have a Pay As You Go meter. Instead of having to leave the house to top up your meter in person, the current British Gas trial is offering a range of options for topping up, including over the phone, online or via an app. This will also be rolled out for households on a pre-payment meter.

Smart meters are just one way for people to keep an eye on their energy costs and see how much gas and electricity they use around the home. I hope this technology will help families to save money on their bills.



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