Stockport Express Column Feb 2016

I was recently contacted by a constituent who was worried about her frail, elderly friend who is living in a care home, which is about to close down.

The lady was worried that residents of the home and their families had been told they only had 12 weeks to find alternative accommodation. A worrying situation for everyone.

After further investigation I discovered that there have been six care home closures in the Stockport borough in the last 18 months, with the loss of 151 beds.

The reasons for the closures vary but council officials tell me that homes are facing rising costs of providing care and maintaining buildings that need modernisation.

Councils have a duty under the Care Act to ensure that there are enough high quality services for people to choose from. But clearly if so many homes are closing down this is going to become increasingly difficult.

Caring for the elderly in their own home is not always an option and with a contracting social care budget it is difficult to see how enough good quality social care at home is going to be provided.

We will still need residential care as an option. I plan to keep highlighting this issue in Parliament as we all worry about what happens to our parents and ourselves when we get older. It is an area we have to get right.



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