Presenting Stockport Academy’s Student Council with national award


It was a pleasure to present Stockport Academy’s Student Council with the Discovering Democracy Award last month in recognition of their work both in the college and the wider community.

These National awards were launched by the British Youth Council, with support from the Department for Education and the Cabinet Office. They celebrate the success of schools that go above and beyond in equipping young people with the knowledge and ability to be active members of their community – it is important, of course, for young people to leave school not just with a good academic foundation, but also with an understanding of how society functions.

Stockport Academy students have achieved lots of awards already, having achieved multiple Diana Awards in the last three years for, amongst other things, their peer-mentor anti-bullying campaign and their literacy work to help pupils lower down the school with their reading –

Also, the School Council does amazing work with things like counselling vulnerable students, getting healthier options into the school catering menus, fundraising for hampers for local elderly people, working with the police to mark bikes and mobile phones, and organising sports days for local primary schools. In fact they are already citizens of the world!

We should all be very proud of their achievement and I am pleased that they have now been recognised by this prestigious National award.







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