Local group knitting for dementia patients

Beryl Manley Compass Point (002)

I visited Compass Point on Nangreave Road this morning and I was really impressed with the colourful “twiddle muffs” that the Knit “n” Natter group have been making for patients with dementia.

The muffs are knitted in many colours and have buttons, bells or textured fabrics attached, so that patients with dementia, who often feel restless or agitated, can twiddle them with their hands.

The group have now donated the muffs to Stepping Hill Hospital and it is really good to know that they are helping patients with dementia – https://www.stockport.nhs.uk/144/knit-a-mitt. Here I am photographed with Beryl Manley, who runs the group, demonstrating some of the beautiful “twiddle muffs”.





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