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    Stockport Express Column October 2017

    The reform of the benefit system in our country is long overdue, and the introduction of Universal Credit was planned to simplify a complex system and guarantee that work pays and having a job is better than a life onContinue Reading >>
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    Press release

    PRESS RELEASE FROM ANN COFFEY MP  EMBARGO: 00:01am Monday September 18, 2017  Soaring numbers of children still being sent to children’s homes miles away The number of children being sent to live in children’s homes outside their own borough has soared despite aContinue Reading >>
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    Letter to Foreign Secretary on Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

    I have written to the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, along with 156 parliamentarians led by my Labour colleague Rushanara Ali MP, calling for government action to help end the appalling violence against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. The txt of the letterContinue Reading >>
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    Stockport Express Column August 2017

    I was surprised to learn recently that there are no definite figures on how many armed forces veterans live in Stockport. The national census, which happens every ten years, does not collect information on the Armed Forces community – informationContinue Reading >>
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    Together with my colleagues in the USDAW group of

    USDAW has taken up campaigns to stop violence against shop workers, on behalf of carers and raised concerns about the fairness of the Universal Credit.Continue Reading >>
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    Stockport Express column July 2017

    It’s nearly the end of the school term, when children and teachers can take stock of a busy year and look forward to the summer holidays. I was delighted to be invited back to Stockport Academy in Cheadle Heath to hearContinue Reading >>
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    PRESS RELEASE FROM ANN COFFEY MP A new law to tackle the growing menace of online sex predators who create false identities to lure people into relationships, will be called for in the Commons today.   Ann Coffey MP will highlight the plightContinue Reading >>
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    PRESS RELEASE Children and young people from middle class families are in danger of being groomed by urban criminal gangs to sell drugs in county towns, according to a new report. Today’s report from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Runaway andContinue Reading >>



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