Celebrating 100 Years of the WI

Heatons WI Yarnstorms the park with WIse Owls

 Heatons WI

The Women’s Institute nationally is 100 years old and its members across the country are celebrating in different ways. Stockport MP Ann Coffey met members of Heatons WI, who have been marking the centenary in a very creative way – with a yarn storming or yarn bombing exhibition in Heaton Moor Park.

In conjunction with the Friends of Heaton Moor Park, the ladies from the WI and the Friday knitting group, came up with the “WIse Owls” and for the last six months have been knitting, crocheting, felting and stitching up a storm to decorate the park.

Launched with a picnic on Sunday 12th July, the park is now full of colourful knitted artwork on tree trunks, hanging on branches, on railings and benches – depicting owls, flowers and a huge knitted centrepiece around the tree in the centre of the park. This centrepiece alone contains over 130 knitted squares.

Ann Coffey said:

“I really wanted to see this ingenious display of yarnstorming for myself – what a great effort by the Heatons WI and the Knitting Friends.   I do encourage people to go and see how the park is positively blooming with knitting! It’s a creative masterpiece and an excellent project to mark 100 years of the Women’s Institute.”

 Sally Stelfox from Heatons WI said:

“The display has generated very positive feedback – many people said how much they had enjoyed our work, and they now realise that there is more to the WI than the perceived image of ‘jam and Jerusalem’”.




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