Brinnington Pantry – a great community food project

Brinnington Pantry with Ann CoffeyI enjoyed a visit to the Brinnington Pantry this week, a Stockport Homes community food project.   Working with the FareShare network, this means that good quality food from supermarkets, which would otherwise go to waste, can be redistributed through projects like the Pantry, saving local people hundreds of pounds each year on their food bill.

I met the local customers and thanked the volunteers for their work in running the busy Pantry, which is open three days a week – Mondays 9.30 – 12, Tuesdays 1 – 4, Thursdays 3 – 6 in First House, Brinnington.

150 local residents are signed up to the Pantry, paying £2.50 a week to choose 10 items from a wide variety of groceries, store cupboard items, fresh food and toiletries each week.

The Pantry in Brinnington, like the Penny Lane Pantry in Lancashire Hill, has delivered fantastic savings on people’s average shopping bill. It is such good value! I’m not surprised it’s so popular and I hope the scheme goes from strength to strength.

 Brinnington Pantry volunteers have been nominated for a Stockport Homes Community Project Award.



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