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Stockport Express Column April 2017

19th April 2017

Parking around schools is a big issue for parents, headteachers and indeed neighbours. I receive complaints about drivers causing obstruction and parking inconsiderately at school drop-off and pick-up times. Occasionally this can lead to angry words being exchanged between neighbours and drivers or parents. More importantly, there is a huge worry that a child could be injured outside their school while trying to cross the road.

Enquiring with the council recently, I have heard how difficult it can be to recruit school crossing patrol officers – or lollipop ladies/men as we used to call them. It can be a very satisfying job, just a couple of hours a day paid above the national minimum wage. But it seems that there are several local primary schools with vacancies – despite poster adverts in schools and on the council website.

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Affordable transport system is needed

The Government recently asked Northern Rail to find ways of increasing the amount of money it gets from passengers, so that the money given by the government to the rail company can be reduced. How much passengers should contribute through the cost of rail tickets and how much the taxpayer should pay towards the cost of the transport system is always contentious.

A number of fare changes have been announced by Northern Rail and these changes came into effect on 8th September.

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