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Press Release – Child Sexual Exploitation the new social norm

14th January 2015


Teachers are on the frontline on the fight against child sexual exploitation, Ann Coffey MP said in a lecture at Manchester University today.

The campaigning MP told 400 trainee and newly qualified teachers at an Inclusion and Social Justice Conference at the University:

 “You can make a difference to children’s lives by helping to raise awareness of the issue and recognising the importance of changing attitudes and culture.

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Dangers of sexual exploitation for children missing from school

3 December 2014 

Fourteen thousand Greater Manchester children are frequently missing from school which can leave them at risk of sexual exploitation, according to Ann Coffey MP.

Ms Coffey called in the Commons this week for all local authorities to hold central ‘persistent absence lists’ which could be cross referenced by police, education welfare officers and children’s services in order to identify young people at risk and spot patterns of local child sexual exploitation.

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Real Voices: Child Sexual Exploitation in Greater Manchester – Report Published Today

Thursday 30 October 2014

Today I am launching my independent report Real Voices – Child Sexual Exploitation in Greater Manchester, which was commissioned by Police & Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd to examine what has changed since the Rochdale grooming case in 2012, and what still needs to change.

I was determined that the voices of young people should be heard very clearly through the report, and I’m keen to see a radical new approach to CSE, to be led by young people themselves. In the report, I have made a range of recommendations on how CSE cases can be better dealt with in future, and also how preventative measures including better training, raising awareness of the issues amongst young people, and increased joint working across police and local authority boundaries might help prevent CSE from taking place. I also recommend that CSE should be treated as a key public health priority in the same way that smoking and obesity are, so that a more strategic approach can be developed to combat it.


You can download the full report here: Real Voices Report