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Response to EU Withdrawal Bill

Dear constituent,

Over the last week I have received a number of e-mails in relation to Brexit and the EU referendum.  The Government yesterday tabled a bill to give the Prime Minister the authority to trigger article 50.  The bill is currently very brief and amendments will of course be brought forward next week when it will be debated more fully by the House of Commons.

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Stockport Express Column – July 2016

Since the momentous vote to leave the EU I have had many conversations and emails from people expressing their concerns and worries about the future.

It has divided people in Stockport as elsewhere with young people particularly upset about the result.

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Stockport Express Column – June 2016

I have been listening to your views about the referendum on our membership of the European Union, which is on 23rd June.

It seems clear that, despite all the arguments for and against, many people are still looking for an answer and haven’t made up their mind. People have said to me that there are so many conflicting statistics about the impact of either leave or remain on the economy, that they are left none the wiser.

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