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Find a way out – the message to victims being groomed to commit crimes

19 October 2017


Police, local authorities, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, young people and an MP have launched a campaign to stop criminal gangs from grooming children and vulnerable adults to commit crime.

The campaign, known as ‘Trapped’, aims to raise awareness of criminals who are grooming and exploiting children and young adults to commit crime on their behalf.

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Stockport Express Column October 2017

The reform of the benefit system in our country is long overdue, and the introduction of Universal Credit was planned to simplify a complex system and guarantee that work pays and having a job is better than a life on benefits.

However, instead of improving things, the government has created a system which is not fit for purpose. Universal Credit, which merges six benefits and tax credits into one, is supposed to be flexible, making it easier for people to move into a job, cope with periods of insecure employment and ensure in-work payments for low-income families.

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Stockport Talking Newspaper 40th Anniversary

Stockport Talking Newspaper interview with Ann Coffey

Stockport MP Ann Coffey has recorded an interview for the Stockport Talking Newspaper which is sent weekly to blind or visually impaired people in Stockport.

The Talking Newspaper, a local charity which celebrates its 40th Anniversary in 2017, helps keep blind or visually impaired people in touch with local events. Each week, volunteers record one hour of news from the Stockport Express. This is sent out on a memory stick to over 140 “listeners” – all of whom get a free portable memory stick player designed for the visually impaired. There is also a magazine-style recording with talks, music, advice from RNIB and items of general interest.

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