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Stockport Express Column – Christmas 2013

Christmas is famously a time for giving and sharing and I am always heartened by the neighbourliness and warmth that we find in Stockport at this time of year.

A recent survey of voluntary and community groups in Stockport found that there are at least 3,000 people volunteering in Stockport, giving up at least 12,000 hours of their time each week!

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Stockport Express Column – December 2014

The Charnwood Nursery is special in Stockport. As a Christian charitable Trust, Charnwood has led the way in the provision of nursery education where children with disabilities learn and play together with other more able children. Each child is valued and respected as an individual.

I have made many visits to Charnwood over the years and was very privileged to have been invited to their 50th Anniversary celebrations last year.

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Dangers of sexual exploitation for children missing from school

3rd December 2014 

Fourteen thousand Greater Manchester children are frequently missing from school which can leave them at risk of sexual exploitation, according to Ann Coffey MP.

Ms Coffey called in the Commons this week for all local authorities to hold central ‘persistent absence lists’ which could be cross referenced by police, education welfare officers and children’s services in order to identify young people at risk and spot patterns of local child sexual exploitation.

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