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Stockport Express Column – April 2014

Great Northern towns and cities like Stockport and Manchester were at the heart of Britain’s industrial revolution.

Indeed, looking at the skyline we can still see the tall chimneys of the mills that were the foundation of Victorian prosperity.

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Safeguarding young people from CSE

April 14th 2014

Around one in ten young people being treated for drug and alcohol problems in three key Greater Manchester boroughs have disclosed that they have been sexually exploited.

The figures for under 18 year olds have been released by Ann Coffey MP, who is conducting an inquiry on behalf of Tony Lloyd, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester, into what more can be done to safeguard young people from sexual exploitation.

Ms Coffey said that the data from Public Health England, was very significant and was “just the tip of the iceberg” because most children and teenagers are frightened to disclose that they are sexual abuse victims.

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Stop the Universal Credit disincentive to work

Ann Coffey MP has urged the government to change “unfair” Universal Credit rules, which mean that low paid workers who want to work longer hours, will only be allowed to keep a miserly 24p in every extra pound they earn.

Ms Coffey said that this was counter-productive, unfair and created a massive disincentive for people to look for ways to increase their hours and their income and work their way off benefits.

She attended a campaign meeting in the House of Commons today organised by USDAW, the shop workers’ union, which is urging the Government to change the rules.

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