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Deaths of missing people could be prevented

Thursday July 19 2018

Hundreds of lives are being put at risk each year because adults with mental health problems are ‘found and forgotten’ after going missing, according to a Parliamentary Inquiry.  

Ann Coffey – head of the ‘Inquiry into safeguarding missing adults who have mental health issues’ by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Runaway and Missing Children and Adults – said that going missing should be a ‘red flag moment’ which ought to trigger help.

But instead tens of thousands of adults nationally are left alone and isolated with no support on their return home.

There are about 126,000 incidents of adults going missing annually. Up to 600 missing people a year are found dead: the most commonly known cause being suicide.

The inquiry heard that about 80 per cent of adults who go missing are experiencing mental health problems and up to one third go missing again.

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Dangers of sexual exploitation for children missing from school

3 December 2014 

Fourteen thousand Greater Manchester children are frequently missing from school which can leave them at risk of sexual exploitation, according to Ann Coffey MP.

Ms Coffey called in the Commons this week for all local authorities to hold central ‘persistent absence lists’ which could be cross referenced by police, education welfare officers and children’s services in order to identify young people at risk and spot patterns of local child sexual exploitation.

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Commons speech on trafficked children

The Speech below was delivered in the House of Commons on 5th December 2013 in the Modern Slavery debate. The full debate can be found here.

I want to focus on how trafficked children are responded to – and in most cases – let down by our care system.

I am the chair of the All Party Group for Runaway and Missing Children and Adults. Last year we carried out a joint parliamentary inquiry, supported by the Children’s Society, into children who go missing from care, which highlighted the vulnerability and specific needs of trafficked children.

We found that trafficked children from abroad are being particularly let down by the care system and their needs are being ignored. Part of the problem is because the authorities view child trafficking as an immigration control issue.

Hundreds of them disappear from care every year, many within 48 hours.

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