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Meeting Computer coders of the future at Priestnall High School

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MP meets computer coders of the future

 Stockport MP Ann Coffey visited Priestnall High School in Heaton Moor, and spent some time with pupils from Year 8 who have started using the BBC micro:bit to learn about computer coding.

The micro:bit is a tiny handheld, fully programmable computer which has been made available to every school child at Year 7 across the UK.   The little device has lots of features and is being used at Priestnall to introduce the pupils to writing computer code and creating their own programmes. This is about how to get behind the software we use every day, and equip children with the skills to create the programmes of tomorrow.

There are many potential applications for the micro:bit which will motivate the pupils to get creative and get coding over the next few weeks. At the end of the class (only their second session with the micro:bit) , the pupils programmed their micro:bits to spell out the word WELCOME for their photo with their MP.

Scott Hugill, the computer science teacher who also runs Priestnall’s Code Club, said:

“The students are really keen to get their hands on the little computers and are amazed how versatile they are. During computer lessons, the classroom is buzzing with excited children walking around, discussing their code and showing off their new found skills.”

 Ann Coffey said:

 “Visiting the class was a fascinating experience for me. This was only the childrens’ second lesson with the micro:bits, but they are quickly learning how to create and run computer programmes. These coding skills have such potential for the future – it’s an exciting digital world for them to explore.”