Ann Coffey visit to Relate Stockport

Relate visitAnn Coffey MP visited the Stockport office of Relate GMS and chatted to staff who work for this relationship charity.

Ann was interested to hear about the wide range of services which Relate delivers, and found out about some of the lesser-known work it does. She was particularly impressed to learn that Relate offers mediation for separating parents who need to agree on issues affecting their children.

Families under stress often contact Ann’s busy constituency office, and she commented how useful it was to know that there was a specialist service at Relate which could be called on. She said “Mediation is a process where you arrive at a solution and avoid conflict – this has to be helpful for families”

Michelle Hill, Chief Executive of Relate said “I think the MP was surprised to hear about the many varied strands of our work – including work with children and families. The team are proud of the help they can give to improve people’s relationships in Stockport, and were delighted to tell Ann about it”.

Relate GMS offers information, advice and counselling for all stages of your relationships. Call us on 0300 003 2331 or visit for more information.



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