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Elected in 1992, Ann Coffey is the Member of Parliament for Stockport.

Before she was elected she worked with children and families as a senior social worker.

She is the Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Runaway and Missing Children and Adults, which produced a report in 2012 into children missing from care and the link between missing and child sexual exploitation. The APPG produced a further report in 2016 into Safeguarding of Absent Children.

Ann is the author of Real Voices, an independent report into child sexual exploitation in Greater Manchester published October 2014. This was followed up with ‘Real Voices – Are They being heard?’ in March 2017.

The APPG recently produced the ‘Briefing report on the round-table on children who go missing and are criminally exploited by gangs’ in July 2017. This was followed up with a second round-table in December on the disruption of County Lines.

Ann led a debate in Parliament on ‘Catfishing’ and the exploitation of vulnerable people on the internet and social media.  She also recently submitted recommendations to the Governments consultation for the Internet Safety Strategy Green Paper which can be found here.

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