Follow-up Report into Child Sexual Exploitation in Greater Manchester

  You can download the full report here: Real Voices-Are they Being Heard? Big increases in reporting of child sexual exploitation in Greater Manchester Embargo 00:01am March 30, 2017 The scale of child sexual exploitation in Greater Manchester is exposed … Continue reading

Stockport Express Column March 2017

Quite rightly, all parents want an excellent local school for their child. All our children deserve an education which will develop their full potential and give them the best start in life. We have some great schools in Stockport, with … Continue reading

MP Praises health project co-designed by children

PRESS RELEASE FROM ANN COFFEY MP  MP praises health project co-designed by children (Picture attached: Ann Coffey presented awards to children from St Anne’s in Stockport) Ann Coffey MP has praised as ‘trailblazers’ young people who worked as equal partners … Continue reading

MP welcomes new National Missing Persons Register

Ann Coffey MP has welcomed the introduction of a new National Missing Persons Register as the number of missing children incidents in Greater Manchester continues to increase. The new Register, to be introduced in 2018, will allow police forces to … Continue reading

Stockport Express Column, February 2017

Constituents contact me for help with a wide range of problems. Often they have exhausted all other options. Financial difficulties can be the hardest to help with. Often people have been unable to build up savings and a sudden change … Continue reading



  • If you're approached by a man telling you owe money for MOOR advertising, call 101 & report to Police. It's a #scam. MOOR never does this

  • Beware: police told us there's a man posing as MOOR mag asking for money for ads in bars/cafes #Heatons. Ignore & report to Police

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