Stockport Express Column – October 30 2013

It is shocking that almost a third of payday loans taken out in Britain at the moment are to cover gas and electricity bills as the cost of living soars. There has been an explosion in the payday lending market … Continue reading

National Care Leavers Week

To mark National Care Leaver’s Week, I met with Mary Campbell-Wharan from Pure Insight, the Stockport charity, formed in January this year, which supports young people leaving care. I wanted to emphasise my support for the projects they are running to improve … Continue reading

Stockport Express Column – October 2013

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about how hospital and GP services should respond to advances in medical care and an ageing population. Should there be more specialist hospitals? Should more people be nursed at home? I am … Continue reading

Racist insults against Stockport police officer prompts call for law change

PRESS RELEASE: 15.10.2013. Ann Coffey MP has called for a change in the law to make using racist abuse in a house or flat an offence after a Greater Manchester police officer was called a “nigger”. Currently, under Section 4A of … Continue reading

Owners of aggressive dogs should fit letter box guards

PRESS RELEASE: 15.10.2013 Ann Coffey MP is calling on the Government to bring in new measures to prevent dogs biting people through letter boxes. Ms Coffey wants dog owners – who think there is a chance that their dog could bite … Continue reading



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